PlayStation 5 has not only introduced gamers to next-gen, but it has also brought a new type of controller into their homes. After four generations of DualShock, we have moved on to the elusive DualSense, a controller equipped with vibration and haptic feedback, able to return different tactile sensations to the player.

The specialized press has praised the DualSense countless, especially thanks to Astro’s Playroom, the platformer title included in every PlayStation 5, as well as a real tech demo for the new controller. What do the players think instead? Is DualSense a true innovation, or nothing exceptional?

Well, according to a survey drawn up by Push Square, it seems that PlayStation fans have no doubts: the DualSense is the best controller ever seen on a Sony console.

Here’s how the nearly 2,000 attendees (1,875 at the time of writing) voted:

  • Yes, DualSense is the best – 80%
  • I don’t have a DualSense – 12%
  • Not sure yet – 6%
  • No it’s not the best PlayStation controller – 2%

In addition to this, PushSquare has also asked its followers to vote for their favorite controller: if it’s not DualSense, which one will be the favorite of PlayStation players?

Considering the high percentage of players who elected DualSense as the best controller in the first poll, it was reasonable to expect its victory in the second as well, but these results also hide some unexpected surprises:

  • DualSense (PS5) – 81%
  • DualShock 4 (PS4) – 13%
  • DualShock 3 (PS3) – 2%
  • DualShock 2 (PS2) – 2%
  • DualShock (PS1) – 1%
  • Original PlayStation Controller (PS1) – less than 1%
  • Dual Analog Controller (PS1) – less than 1%
  • Sixaxis (PS3) – 0%

Yes, the scale of preference follows generational lineage, with one small exception: PS3’s SixAxis, the launch controller that didn’t have DualShock vibration, only gyroscope, was voted for by absolutely no one. Even the original PSX controller, devoid of vibration and even analog controls, equipped exclusively with the D-pad, has more fans than the ill-fated SixAxis.

PlayStation 5 has certainly conquered everyone … or at least, everyone who managed to buy it. Who knows if future owners will also appreciate the DualSense, or if they will continue to prefer the DualShock. What is your opinion on this?