When he came out to the fore the name of Felix ”Kryze” Hellström to the top lane of Excelwe all caught unsuspecting. We are more used to the equipment LEC go for players that have excelled in EU Masters, where the talent tends to be more concentrated in fewer matches.

That is why quickly people started to ask ” who is this Swedish come Unicorns of Love Sexy Editionof the Prime League German. But those who have followed him a bit the track stand out is its ability to play carrys, and the ease of working with him to adapt to new situations.

Kryze Excel

Kryze and Special are the two additions of Excel to the summer | Source: Inven Global

Short path until you come to LEC

By origin, was expected to begin his career in a Swedish team. This is what he did with FALKN, roster with the that saw him not too long ago (summer of 2019) disputing the Play-in the EU Masters. It was not of that stage, but yes that gave some glimpse of players with ways.

In Spain what we were able to see briefly soon after, your step by G2 Heretics to dispute the Iberian Cup replacing Wardain. Despite the fact that the team formed by Mexico and the company failed to get past the quarterfinals, Kryze turned to leave a very good impression, coinciding part of the opinion that it had been the best in the team.

From there went directly to UOL IS, where he has played an outstanding split of spring. A map we’ve been able to see him in another edition of the US Masters, the fall in the match for third place against GamerLegion. A split that has been confirmed as a top laner of profile carry very to take into account.

Aggressive, mechanical, and a vocation for carrylear

Atypical is to see today in day a profile as Kryze. And not for being the only one with a character carry, like so many others. The funny thing is that, throughout his young career, maintains that constant end up playing champions that, at one point or another in the game, have the weight of carrylear.

Being a player with a good mechanicalthere is no doubt that it can adapt to play characters more tankes, but there is no doubt that it is comfortable in a certain facet. Something that says and talks a lot about this player, and for good.

Casting an eye to their picks this last split, we have the test of cotton: Ryze, Vladimir, Gankplant, Camille, Jayce or Jax are your choices. The question is: do you get to impose your style in the LEC? Comes to cover a profile as of Expectthat did not entirely fit in many profiles.

Anyway, Excel you have reasons to play for your rookie: you have a jungle, intelligent, aggressive in early as Caedrelthat you can find ways to make Kryze in front; also, a bot lane that you can recover that profile roamer of Tore that we saw in Splyce to help mid and relieve pressure top. We’ll see if Youngbuck gives you the reins of a team in need of results, and good news.

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