The lore of League of Legends it is extremely large and always, in some way or another, everything seems to be connected. And that was demonstrated once more with the interesting discovery on the part of the followers in the revelation of the Splash Art of the new look Senna Forajida.

The Redemptive will have their third skin in the game, after the editions of True Damage and version prestigious of the same, so it seems that after the escape of the flashlight Threshbegins once and for all to get closer to her husband, Lucian.

In the Splash Art of Senna Forajida not only can you see the Redemption in an aspect dominant and challenging, but when you look at something in more detail to the image, you will discover a nod to the look of Lucian Outlaw, which was released time ago, when Senna was still not a playable character in League of Legends.

For those who still could not discover it, it is the silhouette of the hat and the upper part of the body of Lucian Outlaw, which can be seen as a shadow in the bottom right of the Splash Art of Senna.

In this way begins to reveal the way in which Riot will try to put together both characters, without being able to do something similar to Xayah and Rakanthat have a Splash Art on set for the lines of aspects in which they share skin. In this way it seems clear that in the future we will find similar situations, or we might even get to see the Riot take it to the next level.

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