Dignitas has announced the signing of the jungle-u.s. Joshua ‘Dardoch’ Hartnett for their team in League of Legends, joining a quintet that, otherwise, remains quite similar to the one that competed in the split spring LCS.

The signing it has been announced via a short tweet that simply give you the welcome with a brief message emphasizing that they are preparing for the split summer, which is expected to start next June 12.

The new player of Dignitas with a long track record behind their backs in that has gone through a multitude of equipment of the first level. Since it debuted in the spring of 2016, Dardoch has played in the LCS north american with six clubs different: Team Liquid, Immortals, CLG, Echo Fox, OpTic Gaming and Team SoloMid.

Precisely TSM was his last team and defended his colors last spring, when they finished fourth in the playoffs after falling in front of FlyQuest. Beyond sports results, in his short stay in TSM Dardoch was involved unwittingly in a controversy over his transfer.

And is that to Aileena ‘Leena’ Xu, president of esports electronic sports club, you heard say in a live broadcast of Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng —new signing from TSM, and a pair of Leena— they were having a lot of difficulties to transfer to Dardoch, so that later had to apologize publicly.

Now Dardoch faces a new season in the ranks of Dignitas, which share a computer with the Danish Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen, the canadian Johnson ‘Johnsun’ Nguyen, and the americans Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo’ Black and Matthew ‘Akaadian’ Higginbotham. The role of the latter is not very clear, since it shares the same position that Dardoch and was promoted to the first team at the end of last split.

To Dignitas, therefore, just subtract to complete your template with the street, because they think that Heo ‘Huni’ Seung-hoon seems not to continue after announcing in early April that it was listening to offers and be removed subsequently from the database of contracts of Riot Games.