Maria Creveling, better known as Remilia, died in his sleep.

In 2015, Remilia had become the first transgender woman to play a match official of the highest category League of Legends, the game’s multiplayer battle arena online and sports electronic developed by Riot Games.

The news was confirmed by his friend Richard Lewis, who used his Twitter account to express her grief.

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“With great sadness, I inform you that my best friend Maria Creveling died a peaceful while he slept. His absence will leave a void that can never be filled”commented his friend.

In addition, Lewis added that she would not have wanted any statement to the long or great compliments. Despite having fans all over the world, she was never the one he longed to be the center of attention.

Remilia was classified with the machine Renegades, but, weeks after the start of the season in January, the woman gamer withdrew by anxiety and self esteem issues. However, he returned in September in 2016, and played for Kaos Latin Gamers in Latin America.

It is still unknown the exact cause of his death.

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In peace rest, Remilia.