Naughty Dog is preparing to celebrate the launch of The Last of Us: Part II, which will debut in a little over 1 week. However, the industry of electronic entertainment is in constant motion, with the flow of creativity between different studies. Well, exactly a developer that worked on the next piece of the study Californian departed from him, heading to one of the internal studies of more prestige in the Microsoft.

Through a message on Twitter, developer Jordan Denton, who served as a designer of audio associated with Naughty Dog, announced that today, the 8th of June, was their first day in the studio also Californian Obsidian Entertainment, the most recent acquisition of an Xbox Game Studios.

“During a difficult period in the world, I can share a bit of good news. Today was my first official day as a designer of audio in Obsidian. I am very encouraged by being a part of the study and the audio equipment,” said Denton.

Denton could work in the RPG high-profile prepares Obsidian Entertainment

The former developer of Naughty Dog was part of the team that worked on The Last of Us: Part II during several months of the crucial part of the development, as it was in the ranks of the study of Santa Monica from September 2019 to may 2020 acerudo with your LinkedIn profile; that is to say, in the final stage of the project, when it happens much of the hard work, also taking into account that in this period was the double delay of game.

“It was amazing to be a part of this team [Naughty Dog]. We put our hearts in TLOU2 and we formed many memories as we did. I am very proud of what we did and grateful for all of these talented colleagues,” said Denton a month before.

Previously, Denton had worked in the office of designer of audio associated with it, while in his new position at Obsidian Entertainment, the developer will be a designer of audio. It is not known on what project you are working Denton, but it is very likely to be part of the team Groundedthe new game of the study, which will be very different to The Outer Worlds. Although there is also the possibility that as the team that is focused on an RPG high-profile.

What is it that you expect from Obsidian Entertainment? Do you think that the studio is working on a new title for Xbox Series X? Are you ready to play The Last of Us: Part II?

As we told you, we only know that Obsidian Entertainment, also located in California (Irvine), working on Grounded, but this could change very shortly, as Microsoft will announce titles of internal studies that will come to Xbox x Series. If you want to know more about Obsidian Entertainment, we invite you to check this page.

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