We happen to know where are the gnomes at Camp Pollack, and Fort Ruins in Fortnite season 2, and then destroy them, to complete one of the challenges of Domination of the Locationthe new event with challenges of Extra Time. But quiet, because we’re going to give the situation of each of these small figures hidden in the game map.

One of the challenges most interesting of the Domination of the Location in Fortnite invites us to discover the location of the gnomes in the Camp Pollack, and Fort Ruinous, two emblematic places of the map that may have gone unnoticed until the date, to be able to destroy them. Not only you are going to say where are these two places, but also the position of the gnomes in each one of them for you to go directly to destroy them (because it is a challenge with three levels for each challenge).

To destroy us once located, you must either shoot them or hit them with our tool collection, until we have found all of you and we’re going to sign one to our guide.

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Destroys gnomes in Camp Pollock, or Fort Ruins in Fortnite – Locations Domination of the Location

First we will tell you the location of these two emblematic places that have well-located:

The Fort Ruins is located in quadrant A3; while that Camp Pollack you are located in the quadrant G8.

Where are all the gnomes of Fort Ruinous in Fortnite Season 2 – locations Domination of the Location

You find two gnomes Stronghold Ruinous in the store, one is next to the cash register

and the next to the machines of soft drink.

You have to monitor in the first floor of the walls, along with an information poster.

In the upper zone of the deposit along one of the canyons.

At the top of the deposit.

Inside the building next to a desk.

Also inside the building, but you have to look behind the stairs.

Half way of the tower, next to a window.

Where are all the gnomes at Camp Pollack in Fortnite Season 2 – locations Domination of the Location

You can find it well hidden under a tree, very close to the area where lies the shooting range.

Another thing you have to this next to some boxes, a couch and two chairs in a kind of small dump.

Two gnomes of Camp Pollack you can locate next to a campfire, a beach umbrella and several chairs in the central area.

You can find it near the power transformers in the area west of the main house.

Looking towards the sea, in the area south of Camp Pollock.

Another also looking at the sea, but in the east zone.

Now you know where are all the gnomes at Camp Pollack, and Fort Ruins in Fortnite to overcome one of the challenges of the Domination of the Location. Also we’ve given you the solution to all the challenges of the week 1 Domination of the Location and don’t forget to do the challenge secret of leave the weapons that still lies active.

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