Google has announced that the Destiny 2 base game will be free for anyone with an internet connection and will access a Chrome browser via Stadia starting tomorrow, November 19.

Called Destiny 2: New Light, Destiny free-to-play allows players to explore all locations in the game and participate in a variety of multiplayer activities such as Crucible matches.

Destiny 2: The Collection was one of the great games that Stadia launched a year ago. Unlike most games on the streaming platform, which must be purchased individually, they can be accessed at no additional cost as one of the “free” titles included in a paid Stadia Pro subscription. The collection includes the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions and allows players to stream the entire Destiny 2.

On November 19, however, the free-to-play version of the game, which has long been available on consoles and PCs, will be accessible to Stadia users. Google has launched the free version of Stadia, which allows anyone with a Gmail account to stream games at 1080p, so once Destiny 2: New Light is on the platform, it will be the first truly free-to-play game.

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