Today, October 27th, it’s time for the Weekly Reset in  Destiny 2. This brings the Guardians new weekly challenges, twilight strikes, and a fresh Flashpoint. But what else is there for the Guardians to do?

This is what happens in Destiny 2: The last week of the Halloween spectacle ” Festival of the Lost 2020 ” begins today. So if you still want the mysterious item from the event, you have to hold out.

Because in the next week the last event before the autumn expansion Beyond Light is over. But two weeks before the start of the big expansion, we want to know from you which new class you will start your adventure with.

But today we first take a look at what there is to do for the Guardians in the new Destiny Week.

The most important information about the weekly activities from 27.10. until 03.11.

These nightfalls are waiting for you:  At regular twilight (power level 820) there are these twilight strikes:

  • Exodus crash
  • The arms dealer
  • The Scarlet Fortress

In  twilight: The acid test  goes to the strike:

  • Lake of Shadows

In  strikes and story missions  those modifiers are active:

  • Arc scorching
  • blackout
  • grenadier

As always, the Scorch modifier stays the same for the entire week. The other modifiers rotate daily.

Crucible : In PvP you can choose from these modes:

  • Private match (core playlist)
  • Rumble (core playlist)
  • Control (core playlist)
  • Conflict (Rotation Playlist)
  • Showdown (rotation playlist)
  • Elimination (core playlist)
  • Survival (core playlist)
  • Survival: Freelance (Core Playlist)
  • Classic mix (core playlist)

Billing:  The following modifiers are active:

  • Arc scorching
  • grenadier

Escalation protocol:  The weapons of the escalation protocol are available in the current version with additional perks and mod slots for the contact event and the prophecy dungeon. The armor, however, is still only available through activity on Mars, but for some time now also in the “Armor 2.0” version.

You can find the current  Flashpoint in the ETZ.

Petra Venj can currently be found (Curse Week 1) at the pavilion in the area “Das Ufer”. You can also tackle the  5th Ascendant Challenge.

These are the sources for Mighty Loot in Season 11 of Destiny 2

This is how Mighty Loot is structured in Destiny 2:  Mighty Loot is available in several levels that give you different power boosts. Accordingly, higher levels give you higher power boosts.

  • Level 1 (up to +3 above the current power level)
  • Level 2 (up to +4 above the current power level)
  • Level 3 (up to +5 above the current power level)
  • Top equipment (+5 or more above the power level. The only equipment that goes above 1050 and up to a maximum of 1060)

For your information: Power levels that are additionally obtained via the new artifact ” Seeds of the Silver Wings   are not taken into account when calculating the power level of your drops. Here the mean value of equipment and weapons is crucial.

Sources for Mighty Loot in Season 11: 

Step 1:

  • Weekly Flashpoint
  • Prime engrams
  • Armorer Forays – Complete 8 of his forays
  • Weekly Story Mission: Luna’s Call from Eris
  • Complete 3 nightmare hunts
  • Zavala’s Vanguard Forays – Complete 8 of his forays
  • 5x twilight: do the ordeal by fire. Higher levels of difficulty allow greater progress
  • Crucible for 4 matches in a rotating playlist
  • Shaxx’s Crucible forays – Complete 8 of his forays
  • Vagabond’s Gambit forays – Complete 8 of his forays
  • Any full rank up in Gambit or the Crucible

Level 2:

  • Bring clan rewards to 100%
  • Public contact event
  • Prism converter
Don’t take any chances: Destiny 2 wants to leave annoying bug up to Beyond Light in the game

Level 3:

  • Trials of Osiris

Top equipment:

  • Raid “Garden of Redemption”
  • Dawn: The ordeal by the fire with a team score of 100,000 or more
  • Nightmare Hunt (Grand Master)
  • “Pit of Heresy” dungeon
  • “Prophecy” dungeon
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Seasonal quest “Means to an End”

Since  the 2.8.1 update, formerly powerful rewards have been promoted to top gear. These include:

  • Crucible for 4 matches in a core playlist (power boost of +1)
  • Complete 3x vanguard strikes (power boost of +1)
  • Complete 3 games in Gambit or Gambit Prime (+1 power boost)
  • Hawthorne Clan Reward (+2 Power Boost)

lance dust highlights of Everversum s

These are the highlights of this week:

  • The exotic spirit shell “Steinwerk amalgam shell”
  • The legendary gesture of “horror imprisonment”
  • The exotic ghost shell “Gensym relic shell”
  • The exotic Sparrow “The Necrobesty”