In Destiny 2, the new season of the hunt starts together with Beyond Light. We’ll show you what content is planned and what story surprise is coming up in Season 12.

This is new: In 2 weeks the long-postponed expansion Beyond Light will finally begin. At the same time, the new season 12 will also start. But the players didn’t know anything about the season or specific content – until now.

  • The season of the Hunt is the name of the next chapter. This is what Bungie did on October 27th. announced in a Video.
  • At the same time, the Destiny developer presented the roadmap for the next few months. This “timetable” roughly lists which content goes live in Beyond Light and when.

At MeinMMO, we take a look at the roadmap and tell you what’s coming up in Destiny 2 from November 2020 to January 2021.

This is the roadmap for Season of the Hunt:

This is what you can expect at the start of Beyond Light: On November 10th. comes a whole bunch of new content. The roadmap lists that:

  • The new Beyond Light campaign
  • New stasis classes for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan
  • The new location in Europe
  • The exotic quest for the grenade launcher “Grasp of Redemption”
  • A new Season Pass for the season of hunting
  • A new seasonal artifact
  • The unknown activity “Empire Hunts”
  • The new strike “The Mirror Corridor”

You can find out which other contents, exotics, and improvements go live at the start of the expansion here: Everything about Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Release, pre-order, and features

This is how it continues until 2021:

  • On November 13th the first Trials of Osiris begin in DLC – new master weapons and some changes should lure you into PvP mode.
  • On November 17th then the story of the season of the hunt gets going. At the same time, the new activity “Hunts for the Wrath Born” starts
  • November 21st Raiders should write down their calendars. This is where the new raid in the deep stone crypt opens its doors.
  • The first iron banner in Beyond Light starts on December 8th. – At the moment we don’t know anything about changes
  • The Christmas Dawning Event will take place from December 15, 2020, to January 5, 21

Bungie does not want to reveal all the content yet and writes “and more”. They also show a mysterious picture of snow-covered ruins in Europe. We can see from the roadmap that Season 12 should run until February 2021.

In addition, Bungie has announced that large parts of the content and loot from Season 12 will remain in the game for the whole of Year 4. The Guardians should therefore be hounded less by Fomo than in year 3.

In Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt, we’ll fight Oryx’s sister

Along with the roadmap, Bungie has published a Vidoc (a video documentary). In it, they also talk about the new Season of the Hunt.

This is the story of season 12: The events follow on from the current season 11 and the interference missions. Together with Warlock Osiris, we must stop the crowd.

These are led by Xivu Arath. The sister of the main villain Oryx, the king of the possessed, hangs out behind the tongue twister

We get help from none other than Uldren Sov. However, he is now called Crow and has no memories of his crimes.

The season is set to lay the foundation for the year 4 finale of Destiny 2. Because Xivu Arath acts as a henchman for her big sister: Savathûn. This will be the new main enemy in 2021 and has been pulling the strings in the background since Forsaken.

Check out this from October 27th. Videos in German. From minute 10 it’s about the season of the hunt:

What do you think of the published roadmap? Can’t you wait to finally set foot on Europe in 2 weeks? Or are you still not convinced by the content shown?

In the video, you can also see a map of the returning cosmodrome. There we meet a new ally who takes inexperienced Guardians under his wing: Destiny 2 will soon get a new beginning – this is how your journey as Guardian begins