In Destiny 2 of the franchise since 2017 is with “Beyond Light” (Beyond the light) is the most important release. The expansion will determine whether Destiny can continue as before. The new savior has already been determined. Bungie brought him back from exile and promoted him.

That is why the release of “Beyond Light” is so important: The new expansion “Beyond Light” will appear on November 10, 2020: It marks a turning point in the 6-year history of Destiny.

Basically the last 2 years of Destiny 2, since Forsaken, boil down to this addon. The 2019 expansion “Shadowkeep” seemed to be born out of necessity: It was the first major release that Bungie had to do without its partner Activision. In retrospect, Shadowkeep was correspondingly small.

The next 2 years of Destiny 2 will build on Beyond Light. This will be the first part of a cohesive story trilogy. It is important that Beyond Light now sets off a wave that Bungie can sail on for the next few years until 2022.

In addition, “Beyond Light” also marks the start of a new generation of consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will lack major launch titles for release. Cyberpunk 2077 has also been postponed: By chance or clever planning, Bungie with Destiny is now in a situation in which they have another great chance to inspire new players – thanks to a lack of alternatives.

Only November counts

The importance of the release of “Beyond Light” can be heard from the way Destiny’s manager, Mark Noseworthy, reacted to criticism of the controversial “Vaulting”: Older content disappears from Destiny into a safe.

“In a way, it doesn’t matter what people think of it now. What Really Matters: How does the game feel in November? How does the content ecosystem feel and how do the experiences feel? Is there enough for people to do? Do you feel bound by the game and do you want to play Destiny 2 with your friends? “

“The best days of Destiny are still ahead of us”

Who is the new savior? Destiny’s past was largely determined by Luke Smith – Noseworthy’s permanent partner.

A former journalist and WoW junkie Luke Smith was once shocked for an article with a taser. Since then he has come a long way:

  • He started at Bungie as a writer for the website
  • became a raid designer (Glass Chamber) for Destiny from 2012 to 2014
  • From 2014 to 2015 he was the boss and main creative of the big expansion “The Taken King”
  • took over the development of Destiny 2 from 2016 after it got a reboot
  • until he made it to the franchise director.
  • In the video document for Beyond Light, however, he appeared to hand over the baton to Joe Blackburn. Imagery and editing suggested that Joe Blackburn would be the new big star in Destiny skies.

    While the “old men” from 2014 were allowed to speak at the beginning of the video – Marketing Head Osborne, Noseworthy and Luke Smith – Blackburn was given the space and the last words at the end of the ViDoc.

    Smith called him one of Bungie’s “new young leaders” who are so fun to watch as they now take on more responsibility:

    • Blackburn came from the MMORPG ESO
    • was also raid chief of Destiny
    • but left the company in April 2019 to pursue new tasks. He switched to Riot Games (Valiant, LoL)
    • Bungie has now brought him back and promoted him to “Assistant Director”.

    Apparently, Blackburn is set to play a crucial role in how Destiny 2 continues from 2020. The video documentary ends with Blackburn saying, “The best days of Destiny are still ahead of us.”

    On November 10th we will find out if he is right.

In October we looked at the Beyond Light expansion and explained why it is so critical to Bungie. The pressure on the counter is huge. Now is the time to finally begin the future that Bungie has promised us since 2014: