Last year, in 2019, there was news that shook the gaming world: the release of Bungie from Activision. The team not only regained its independence but even managed to maintain control over Destiny’s IP.

To date, Destiny 2 is a title that is still supported and full of active players, so we can say that Bungie, at the expense of everything, is not doing badly.

The divorce from Activision, however, was not only related to regaining control over their IPs but also to regain their creative freedom, so that they could mature into new titles and new IPs.

According to CEO Pete Parsonin a recent interview with Metro, Bungie has been working on new titles not yet formally announced for three years.

” We started three years ago. Together with Jason Jones, Johnny Erbert, and Zach Russell, we have started hatching new projects. They are very promising, even if, in reality, we expect a high failure rate. Despite this, we are very excited about it. the work we have done, which is not related to the continuation of the Destiny universe. Since we have been able to assemble a team with so many talents, these incubating products look really fantastic. “

In recent months, Bungie has strengthened its workforce, without being intimidated by the challenges related to the COVID pandemic, calling on new developers to be assigned both to the maintenance of Destiny 2, and to the creation of these mysterious projects.

At the moment, we don’t know what these new titles are, but Bungie seems genuinely optimistic: ” I think you will be very excited. I wish I could tell you more, but I am convinced that you will like them a lot .”

We just have to wait for the first official announcements. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 will continue to be more active than ever, thanks to the release of the new Beyond Light target.