The Demon’s Souls remake is finally available on PS5 and, of course, the speedrunners immediately grappled with this completely revamped version of the next-gen game.

Among these speedrunners, we find Distortion2 who finished the game in record time. In fact, it took the user less than 20 minutes to finish Demon’s Souls.

How did he succeed in this feat? Apparently, the YouTuber has used to his advantage a glitch that allows you to switch from one Archstone to another without having to finish levels or eliminate bosses.

In one video, Distortion2 explains in detail the procedure that allowed him to finish the game in record time, while another video shows his entire feat.

Of course, this is not exactly the right way to enjoy Demon’s Souls on PS5, so we advise against this method for all those players who want to fully enjoy the experience offered by the remake.

How about?