Riot Games revealed a little less than a week, the creation of the Mid-Season Cup, a tournament that will develop due to the cancellation of the MSI 2020, and will feature the four best teams of the LPL and the four best of the LCK in a tournament League of Legends, similar to the Rift Rivals.

On this occasion, were revealed two groups of four teams to split the first stage of the tournament which will begin next may 28. Each of the groups will have two teams from each region, and will be distributed in the following way:


T1 Esports & Entertainment (1° LCK)
TOP Esports (2nd LPL)
FunPlus Phoenix (3rd LPL)
DAMWON Gaming (4° LCK)


JD Gaming (1° LPL)
Gene.G (2° LCK)
DragonX (3° LCK)
Invictus Gaming (4° LPL)

The Group will open the tournament on the 28th of may, where each team will play one game against each opponent in your group. While the 29 of may, it will be the turn of Group B. All games will be best of 1 and will not be back and forth.

The top two teams from each group advance to the Semi-finals that will be played in Bo5. Here is the first game of the semi-finals and final will be with selection of hidden champions, while the other four games will feature selection phase and lock. The team that will move to the Semi-finals and beating them in the final will be consecrated as Champion of the Mid-Season Cup, regardless of the outcome of the rest of the teams in their region.

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