We tell you how the system works premium Death Stranding, and how to get the rank Legend of Legends and how to check what type is each assignment, in addition to how many you’re wearing completed.

Death Strandingwhen complete each Customit , gives you a qualification in the form of Range, that goes from the E to the S. However, within the “S” there are several grades. The professional skill S ms high is “Legend of Legends” and not achieved naturally.

Given that you can’t get it on any difficulty and if you are looking for the Platinum tendrs that complete 20 tasks premium of each category with range LoL, we are going to explain to you exactly how the system works, of Commissions, premium.

How to activate the Mode Difficult

Before anything else, the range Legend of Legends (LoL) is only available if you play on Difficult. To be able to turn this difficulty in any moment of your game, press Options > System > Game > Difficulty and put it Difficult.

How to accept an Assignment premium

Now, go to any end to and select Orders standard. After selecting any Order, vers this screen:

Death Stranding - Order premium

Below, see if you are pressing right activates the mode premium Delivery of this Order. With that, the mission is already being prepared. Keep in mind that the demands are greater in the so premium, of course. Above you can see the type of Order.

Types of Custom premium

The Trophy in The growth of a legend asks you to complete 20 tasks premium range LoL of Condition, Volume, Number, and Time. If you’ve been a bit clueless throughout the game, perhaps you haven’t noticed that each Order has a type (see the picture above).

Before accepting each Assignment, check the icon to know what type it is. The types are the following:

  • Death Stranding - Icons: Condition – Condition
  • Death Stranding - Icons: Volume – Volume
  • Death Stranding - Icons: Various – Various
  • Death Stranding - Icons: Time – Time
  • There are No Orders Link bridge, do not worry.

How to check your Commissions, premium

If you want to see how many Orders premium and how many of each type you take facts, the solution is easy. You have to go to Links bridge and click on your name. By doing so, podrs to see your profile. Now press R1 to go to the pestaa “Orders” and looks down. There is a section called “Types of deliveries premium completed with an assessment of the Legend of Legends”, where you indicate how many orders of each type you have made in these conditions.