Daybreak Games, the development studio for H1Z1Planetside 2, and EverQuest, split from Sony a few years ago after operating under Sony Online Entertainment. However, his days of independence were short-lived as the studio has now been acquired by Enad Global 7 for $ 300 million.

Announced by Enad Global 7 (EG7) on December 1, the deal sees the company acquire 100% of Daybreak’s shares. ” On behalf of the Daybreak team, we are thrilled to be joining the EG7 family,” said Jason Epstein, Executive President of Daybreak. ” The merged companies are strategically positioned to expand Daybreak’s unique and iconic portfolio of games and will help amplify our passion for creating great games for our communities .”

Daybreak has struggled over the past few years, suffering numerous layoffs. H1Z1 had a hard time competing with the likes of Fortnite and Apex Legends and went free-to-play a few years ago before changing its name to Z1 Battle Royale. Prior to the launch of H1Z1 and Planetside, Daybreak was best known for the EverQuest series. Despite being ultimately eclipsed by more popular MMO games like World of Warcraft, it is still in active development.

The latest expansion for EverQuest, Claws of Veeshan, will be out in less than a week. EverQuest 2, meanwhile, will receive its next expansion, Reign of Shadows, on December 15.