Last year, the “freshest” (and free) alternative to Monster Hunter was Dauntless, the action released on the Epic Games Store and PS4Xbox One, and Switch consoles. Now, at the end of 2020, there is a substantial update that transforms it into effect into a new “enhanced” version called Dauntless Reforged.

The update, arriving in a few hours, on December 3, is preceded by a launch trailer that illustrates, with an attractive style, the main news.

The first is the addition of “Hunting Grounds”, special maps located on 18 different islands where you can calmly dedicate yourself to hunting and exploration, in a style more marked by that of open world, rather than that of simple hunting.

In addition, the growth of the characters has been rethought, through a branched progression system called the Path of the Slayer, both in terms of specific skills and the weapons used for hunts. And speaking of instruments: it will now be possible to soar in flight with a glider! How many of you will be back on the trail of the Behemoths tomorrow?