After many twists and turns and repeated postponements, the event The Device you will ultimately have to place within Fortnite to close the Season 2 of Chapter 2 of the game. Epic Games will hold the event this Monday, June 15, and will be the first event of the end of the season in eight months, from the Black Hole.

The event The Device will be out within a Fortnite next June 15, in the following hours in the respective countries:

Mexico/Colombia/Ecuador/Peru/Panama: 13:00 pm
Chile/Bolivia/Venezuela: 14:00 pm
Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay: 15:00 pm
United States: 14:00 pm (Area ET) / 11:00 pm (Area ST)
Spain: 20:00 pm

Epic Games has had several months to prepare the event within the game, and by the time we have been without seeing a live event (minus recitals and film presentations), has set the expectation for the clouds.

The machine of the Day of Judgment and The Agency will be the epicenter of an event that is expected to bring the map to a total flooding, to give way to the Season 3 which will begin next Thursday, which will be developed on a map semi flooded.

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