Diplo returns to participate in a final show during their stay the summer in a festive masterclass. Go up to the main stage to enjoy the live performance of Diplo Presents: Higher Ground, a deep show of house music which include rhythms, mind-blowing, full of sophistication.


On Higher Ground, nothing happens by delayed a bit. If you do not manage to arrive right at 20:00 CEST, you can jump the queue Party master and join the show already started. Consultation hours by region in the Event schedule of Feast master.


So if you missed the show like if you want to enjoy Higher Ground again, you can attend the broadcast of the performance of Diplo Tuesday, August 4, at 03:00 CEST in the main scenario.


Carrying the light with you when the show is over. All players who enter the game between Friday, July 31, at 02:00 CEST and Sunday, August 2, at 02:00 CEST will get the new packaging Afterparty, which reacts to the music, totally free of charge.


Level up the party with the suit of Ideation, which debuts in the item shop from Friday, July 31, at 02:00 CEST (before the show), in addition to the accessory backpacking Scraper rhythmic and beak Knives lighting that react to the music. In the same way, will also be available the new costumes of Diva hard-partying, MVP of the party and the Star of the party, along with the return of the suit of night Life, which will include a new style. In tune with the spirit of the event, these costumes also react to the music.

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