Few days ago we told you about some leaks of Fortnite made by the dataminers, as always, between the skins filtered (that are already on sale, by the way) also discovered a counter that indicated the beginning of an event that would soon come.

The counter was “badly done” because she would start when she got to zero, but it was an indication that eventually will not make it and will start the event called Doomsday in the game files. These events typically happen a couple of days before the change of season, this time is scheduled for may 4, so we’ll see something major in the next 7 days.

Careful with the spoilers

We still do not have exact details but the dataminer FNLeaksAndInfo posted in IMGUR a series of images that will give us an idea of what will happen. Obviously, if you don’t want to hurt you the surprise I have prepared for Epic Games, not to continue reading and listen to the alerts of spoilers posted by the same user.

Apparently the Agency that we saw in all its splendor in the launch trailer of the last season (which saw Deadpool) will be completely destroyed. Not in vain, the event will be called “Doomsday”, but the truth is that it is surprising that a location was completely destroyed suddenly.

In addition, we do not believe that is the only given the name of the event. The user shared a total of six images where we can see that the building was destroyed to its foundations, were only some debris and walls, and everything seems to product of a pump or something like that.

Season number 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 begins on the 4th of June, there remain only a few days to know what has prepared the team Epic with their game star, after a season very busy with events playable and musical.