The release of Cyberpunk 2077 is very imminent but CD Projekt Red has yet to reveal a lot about its flagship title. One of the aspects that is arousing a lot of curiosity is the multiplayer sector of the expected action RPG. Adam Kicinski of CDPR, speaking to Seeking Alpha, said something very important: we will have to think of the multiplayer of the game as a great standalone product, not as a simple online multiplayer mode.

” First, let’s not call it ‘mode’: it’s a separate and dedicated production, a large production. Designed as a standalone product. “

We can therefore expect an online multiplayer mode inserted in the same context as the single-player base game, but designed and developed by a different development team, with prominent objectives, not a simple “filler”. Something similar, therefore, to what Rockstar did for GTA Online and the online mode of Red Dead Redemption II.

Kicinski also states that they are not revealing other details in this regard to focus on the communication regarding the main title, but that the first news on the subject will arrive in the first quarter of 2021. We will, however, have a long time to wait, presumably 2022, to get your hands on it.