CD Projekt RED sure knows how to keep the hype high. There is now about a week left until the launch of the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, and a new tweet from the game’s official account fuels the fire of enthusiasm and curiosity even more.

In the tweet, we find audio, sent to us directly by V, in which he mentions a mysterious shot, followed by the hashtag #Cybernight. ” Hey, you. We’ve got a transmission for you. ” Is the only header before the hashtag.

The audio reads like this: ” Hey, it’s me. Just a couple of words about a new job coming up. I’ll need some help to get it right. I’ll send you the details soon, but … be ready. , okay? It will be something big! “

Clearly, we have no specific indications on what this Cybernight could ever be, whether an in-game event or a singular form of presentation of the game or some of its peculiarities, but we are sure we will find out very soon. What do you think it will be?