“In art, we say that ‘we are drawing without stopping” when the object is hidden behind something else, but you dibujándolo the same,” says Paul, “Riot Zeronis” Kwon”, the artist’s conceptual framework. “So, you ensure to have the proportions and correct angles, even if you then need to make an incision. For example, we must quickly determine how to position the Threshold in some scenes. If only we drew the waist up, our options were very limited. But his body allows us to crop it where you want it and tailored to our needs.”


However, a good story and a little art anime quality do not make a visual novel, especially good Visual novel. And, of course, not a visual novel worthy Lol.

Not only anime, also Lol

“When we decided that in the spiritual, and even in the Flower of Spiritual development as a whole, pussy Riot did anime, our goal was not only to create something associated with this kind of animation, and to complete the theme. We wanted was evidence of his love for anime in the style of “Lol,” explains Reav3. “Yes, this anime does not have, but still had to have component, Lol. And have to work with LoL.”


The computer wanted Spiritual Connections fully in Lol without any problems. In principle, this meant the creation of mission Champions will give you. Then, comenzarías the game and you get X number of kills, or you need to play with one of the Champions. But it was… boring. Not only was that mission standard not to offer, experience only what we wanted, but they also had nothing in common with the visual novel. Thus, the game designer ” Zara “pussy Riot Gearhook” berry suggested a different approach.


“The whole team creates a visual novel, beautiful, and I wanted that game system was on top. In the beginning we didn’t come to mind that players choose your favorite character and ‘propaganda’ to play solely their story,” explains Riot Gearhook. “But I felt that it was not justice on all Carnival Knights, and the writers were doing. Wrote stories, deep feelings, so I wanted to create a system that will allow players to relive all this.”

Riot Gearhook ended the development of reputation systems that recompensara players, not only because of… to play LoL. Included in the line to play some games, stomp some newbies, and they deserve the favor of the masters. On the Threshold like a high performance control, to avoid the laning vine lean back, folding murders and Yasuo loves gusts of murder (unfortunately, this is not a reward for the achievement of maximum, for example, 0/10).


“I am very pleased with what we have achieved, but this does not mean that we have reached success. We not only do we,” says Reav3. “It was a totally new combine players with the masters and their history. And if the players like and play a lot, this opens up many doors to the future.”

“Never before have we attempted to cut short stories on the purpose of the game,” adds Carnival Knights. “I would like to do it again in the future. But it all depends on if the players like or not.”

And with that, we highly recommend you to go and kiss, to make a lot friends.