The coronavirus he returned to impact in the industry of esports, and right now in our country. What happens is that recently, Riot Games announced that the next meeting of the League of Latin american League of Legends (ALL) will be postponed.

By means of a press release, Riot Games announced that the day of the 14th and 15th of march ALL will be postponed to safeguard “the emotional and physical well being of the professional players”.

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Keep in mind that Riot Games had already taken security measures to help prevent the coronavirus greater than the international standard. That said, several of its partners showed concerns on this situation and that is why they preferred to postpone the day.

“Our partners have expressed concerns regarding the possible contagion risk they face in the move to our Arena and the possible interactions within the plaza where it is located,” explained Riot.

It is important to note that the organizers of the ALL claim that the league comes back next week in the online form. In fact, the team of the league will make the necessary changes for that to be possible.

What you seemed to these measures? Do you consider that are appropriate in the situation in which we are living? Tell us in the comments.

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