Finally, and after multiple delays, everything seems to be ready for the big event of end of Season 2, Fortnite Chapter 2, with “The Device” just two days of its activation, and both the game and the official social networks begin to look ahead.

Since a few hours, players began to find with a counter on The Agency, within a Fortnite. It is the countdown to the event which will take place next Monday, June 15, and to which all will be able to log in live to enjoy it.

However, it is not the only thing new, as the official Twitter of Fortnite launched a new message, anticipating the event, and the end of the current season.

The Device will be the first live event for the end of a season in Fortnite from the one who put an end to the Fortnite original, and culminated with a black hole that lasted two days, until he returned to the game with Chapter 2. Because of this, the expectations are extremely high, so that Epic Games will have to do much to dazzle players once more.

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