Coronavirus Talk about video games increased 71% in the social network during the second half of march

Animal Crossing and Fortnite, with m
Animal Crossing and Fortnite, with ms mentions on Twitter.

Andl period of confinement for the pandemic coronavirus that has led many people to resort to video games to lighten the process, and not only that, but also that this is one of the main topics discussed in social networks. And on Twitter, for example, talk about gaming increased 71% during the second half of march, making a conversation never before seen in the social network.

The prologarse the quarantine, this same trend also spread, and, until the 30th of April last, the video game seguan to occupy an important place in the conversations of Twitter, according to reveals the own social network in a balance, being Animal Crossing, for the recent launch of the delivery ‘New Horizons’, the title is alz as the leader of the ranking of the franchises ms tweeted in Mexico, on top of Fortnite, even considering the impact of the concert virtual of Travis Scott, Final Fantasy, Minecraft and Resident Evil.

These results are presented on Twitter and also detailed qu ttulos were the most popular according to the platform on which it is played, being, once ms, Animal Crossing the Nintendo franchise ms tuiteada, and Final Fantasy VII and Pokmon GO, the PlayStation and mobile, respectively.

  1. Final Fantasy VII
  2. The Last of Us
  3. Uncharted
  4. Person 5 Royal
  5. God of War

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