The Pro League League of Legends (LPL), most important competition of the video game in Asia, it has been delayed due at the outbreak of the national coronavirusmysterious , contagious agent that has already set global alarm to the population.

Through the Twitter account in English of the tournament, Riot Games, a developer of the game and manager of their competitive leagues, announced the decision to postpone week 2 of LPL “to protect the health of its players and its fans”.

For the moment, there is no return date, so that the league could be delayed several weeks until the situation is controlled.

As is well known, the coronavirus expands by human infection, so that the crush of fans can become a source of infection.

LPL has been the place of origin of the two last two world champions of the game: Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix. Despite what is said globally, league, china is surpassing the perfomance of the league in south korea, the world’s most popular.

League of Legends is the esports with the most players in the world: an Account with more than 8 million active players daily in their regional servers and is responsible for the phenomenon of e-sports in the society.

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