The control of waves in League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most important aspects of the phase lines. If we can use the waves to our advantage, we can control what areas you will need to position the enemy, thus creating opportunities to make her lose farm or kill them.

A ADC Challenger with a YouTube channelSimba ADC) has explained how to use it to our advantage for the waves in the phase lines.

Guide of control of waves in LoL

The youtuber explains several interesting points. The first is that if our minions are relatively close to the enemy tower and we want to return the combat between minions to a point more favorable for us, will pushear until our wave hitting the enemy tower.

The reason is simple: the tower will kill our minions quickly. Lnext wave will be the same (or, at least, will be something more away from the opponent’s tower).

Another important concept is to know where is pusheara the next wave of minions. In the image below you can see two lines in the botlane, which we will use as a reference. If the combat is closer to point 1 than point 2, if we limit ourselves to give the coup de gracethe minions are pushearan toward the point 2, and vice versa.

example botlane

The explanation is simple: at the point 1, the minions that come from the blue side will arrive before, doing damage to the minions enemies that are left of the previous wave. In point 2 the same thing will occur.

Another interesting tip of Simba is use the potions for minions enemies to attack us. So, we freeze the wave of enemy before it gets to our tower, more or less to the height of the line 1.

With this, we will have the advantage and obligate our opponents to have to take the risk to get minions and experience.

After this, the line will be in a state of slow push, as wave after wave of our minions push to the enemy (although very slowly). The last important concept that explains the offensive use of the minions in combat.

Basically, if we’ll put a great wave against the enemy tower, and the opponent makes the mistake of beating us, our subjects will do enough damageby providing us with quite the fight.

Finally, at the time of fighting neutral targets in phase lines, be sure to push the wave against the opponent’s tower, so they have to deal with it before you fight for the goal (the Herald or the Dragon of turn).

Learn the importance of the management of waves it is really important. In the minute 14, Simba took him out to the ADC enemy enemy the double of minions and two levels. Nothing wrong, right?

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