A few days ago, in the United States, more precisely in Utah, a mysterious monolith of unknown origin was found. No one has any idea how it ended up in that desert environment, how it formed, or who brought it there.

In short, scientists and enthusiasts from all over the world are wondering about this mystery, but gamers have advanced an interesting theory. It could be a marketing gimmick by Remedy to advertise Control, their latest blockbuster title.

For the uninitiated, Control is a game that is strongly based on the paranormal and mysterious phenomena: the monoliths, in addition to being a recurring element within the game, fully fall into these categories.

Although the title has been out for quite some time, it has been available on current and next-gen consoles in the Ultimate Edition for a few weeks, with all the DLCs published in the past months. As if that were not enough, Control is also available on Nintendo Switch, in the Cloud version. The beginning of a new marketing campaign to advertise the re-release (if not a sequel not yet announced), would not be a risky theory.

Unfortunately, the Finnish team quickly took to Twitter, in response to the thousands of fans who continued to bring up the topic, denying any connection between the monolith found in Utah and Control.

” We have nothing to do with this, please stop asking us. “.

Despite the apparent frankness with which Remedy responded, the team later started joking with fans, responding with more playful tones and with animated gifs perfectly in line with their mood.

Even Sam Lake has expressed himself on the situation, but the sly tone of his tweet leaves us very doubtful about the reality of the facts …

The fact that many gamers, seeing a mysterious monolith, immediately think of Control is proof that the Remedy title has broken into their hearts and the developers will certainly be happy with it, even if they do not show it.

What do you think about it? Do you think Remedy is really foreign to this fact, or is there something underneath?