Valorant, the mtico game officially announced on march 1, it will be available finally in a few days. However, Riot Games (developer) says that he started to work in the game in the year 2014, so that pas a lot of time on the project in secret.

After his announcement at the beginning of march of 2020, Riot started to allow a few “lucky ones” to try it out using a closed beta.

But the wait is finally termin: Riot is going to release the game official and free for all the public gamer on PC platform the next 2 of June.

What it is

Valorant is a fun action first-person free-to-play, which is a mixture of CounterStrike and the style of skills of Overwatch.

The games main mode of play is 5 against 5 players. It is a game that mixes the action and shooting with tcticas work in a team, and it promises to be a new sensation in the world of PC gaming and streaming.