The coach of Isurus -team-champion of the League, Latin american League of Legends (ALL) – Yeti (Rodrigo Castillo), said this on Thursday to Efe that be in confinement for 10 days to prevent spread of the COVID-19 has affected them.

“It affects to be locked in the gaming house, because we need fresh air, go out with friends, go to a restaurant, going to the cinema, once in a while is good for a change of scenery,” he explained.

ALL takes place in Mexico, where they are registered 475 cases of COVID-19 with six deaths.

The strategist who gave Isurus the title of the Closing 2019 of ALL, he mentioned that players of his squad watch movies, do exercise and take the sun on the terrace of his house to clear his head during the isolation.

“This situation worries us. As a team we are accountable and we keep you informed so you know what we can do to reduce the risk of contagion, but at the time of compete that remains in the background and you can focus on work,” mentioned the strategist of 26 years.

ALL will resume this weekend, after a break of two weeks in which designed a contingency plan to compete without the spread of the coronavirus.

Riot Games, the company that owns League of Legends, reported on 18 march that the League would be conducted in the form ‘online’ from the gaming houses of the eight teams.

Isurus is located on the fourth place of ALL with five victories and three defeats, two of them won in week two in which they lost to Rainbow7 and All Knights.

In week four, the date on which it is suspended, the tournament, the sharks fell against Infinity Esports, the first place of the competition along with All Knights.

The Castle attributed their defeats to poor communication among his players.

“You think that because we did not do many changes in the template we’re going to win the games easy, but the reality is that we have arrived at a point very high at the end of 2019, which we won the tournament and went to the world; we are trying to return to that level,” she said.

Yeti said that the level of Infinity, All Knights and Rainbow7, the teams that are above them in the standings, was due to their reinforcements.

“I don’t think that we’ve reinforced bad, I think the team is in a good individual level, I don’t think that we need to have made a radical change of players,” he complemented.

For this campaign, Isurus hired mexican Jirall (Daniel del Castillo), in the top rail, who last year was an analyst of the ALL, and replaced the uruguayan Buggax (Matthew Aroztegui).

“Generates pressure to be the team champion, all eyes are on us and when things don’t go well, are magnified. The incorporation of Jirall plays an important role because there are processes in it that had not been finished to adapt, which ended up affecting, especially in the crucial points of the games,” he concluded.