Riot Games held a contest with a cosplay of League of Legends to have fun in these days of quarantine

Prepare the cartons, glue, toilet paper, and be ready, for the contest cosplay League of Legends. Comes a lot of initiative on the part of Twitter official LoL Spain. It is neither more nor less than a fun contest whose premise is to make a cosplay with materials you have at home or with objects in the classroom, to disfrazaros the most similar to the skin in question.

Here you have the list of skins that are valid for the contest:

  • Veigar April Fools
  • Tristana April Fools
  • Urgot April Fools
  • Malzahar Rompemundos
  • Zion Rompemundos
  • Maokai Rompemundos

Those arriving between the first three places will get these fabulous prizes: 1er prize 5000 RP, 2nd prize 2800 RP and 3er prize 1800 RP. You have until Sunday 29 march to participate, from the own organization and ask that no one go out to buy any materials and that you use only materials of your house. Due to the events that are happening with the pandemic, the COVID-19. The jury will be formed by @IllisiaCosplay, @wandakunpls and @JotaGuinsoo, all of them influencers important within the world of the artwork, the cosplay, and the creation of content in League of Legends.

If you wish to know the latest that is happening in the world of video games, to be able to enjoy news and amazing reviews only, visit our website at and our account Twitter. And you tell us What skin you have intended to do in the contest cosplay League of Legends? You are going to try our luck in the contest? You can share your answers and opinions in the comment box.

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