The “Field of View” settings give Call of Duty: Warzone players a larger field of vision on the PC and thus an advantage over the console soldiers. Now a professional Warzoner showed that you can get even more out of a small adjustment.

With the right settings you can secure certain advantages in Call of Duty: Warzone over players who go into battle royale with the standard options. This includes:

  • Own opening of the parachute
  • Fast loot vs. fast reloading
  • Set deadzone on the controller
  • 13 settings that give you an edge in Warzone

However, there are differences between the PC version and the setting options on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Soldiers with a computer can, for example, adjust their Field of View (FoV) options to create a larger field of view. That distorts the view a bit, especially when sprinting. But in general this counts as an advantage for PC gamers.

A professional Warzone player, “Swagg”, showed in one of his English videos how you can set your FoV so that it can even help you aim. We embed the video here for you:

YouTuber swears by an impacted aiming device field of view

How can I adjust that? You have to set your aiming device field of vision to “influenced” in the settings. To do this you go:

  • In the Warzone settings
  • Select the “General” tab
  • There you will find the option “Screen” and the first “Field of View”
  • Expand the field below and change the “Target device field of view” from “Independent” to “Affected”
    • This works for all sights, rear sight & front sight up to a magnification of 3.25 (no sniper sights)

What’s the point Affecting the aiming device with your field of view settings gives you a larger field of view when aiming. By default, your view is reset to the normal field of view here. That brings you 2 advantages:

  • You see more of your surroundings while aiming
  • The optical recoil is reduced

The setting is a purely visual change. And while it’s just a visual trick, the streamer Swagg feels like his CR-56 AMAX assault rifle has barely any recoil in the Warzone .

He says in his video: “The AMAX is 1,000% my new tournament weapon because you can set something on the PC: influenced FoV. The way you can control them with it … you’ll see the hits I get with it, I’m speechless. I can’t believe how good the gun is on the PC compared to the consoles. “

The trick is not new and applies to all shooters that, in addition to an FoV controller, also offer the option to adjust the aiming device’s field of view. The YouTuber “Webzy” showed a comparison of the options in Warzone in one of his videos at the end of August and swears by the little trick as a great help when aiming. In his English video you can also see the two field of view settings side by side

Attitude has little pitfalls

So definitely stop or are there any disadvantages? This trick may work for you, but the two YouTubers don’t talk about the downsides of this option.

Because optically you have less recoil, but your goals are correspondingly smaller. In addition, the option takes away some of the zoom in the affected visors.

The picture clearly shows how much more of the environment is shown on your screen. But the zoom is also lower and while you can almost inspect the delivery note of the box with normal settings, you can see almost the whole box in your sights with the influenced FoV.

In addition, the visor remains the same size. This increases the risk of missing something important that is going on in the area covered by your visor.

Advantages and disadvantages of the influenced visor field of view

If you’re playing on a big screen, you should give this option a try. Webzy says it took a few matches to adjust to it. But after getting used to it, he found it to be an extremely strong attitude that helped him get better. Swagg even says he’ll change his tournament weapon based on the option.

But whether this can really help you, you have to try for yourself. In the end, such optical settings are often a matter of taste.

If you’d rather take a stable weapon with you that hits every field of view, take a look at our ranking of the 10 most stable weapons in the Warzone.