For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and CoD Warzone there was a new update on the evening of October 23rd, which not only refreshed the playlist but also cut some features. That changes at the weekend.

What’s up with the update? The Halloween event “The Haunting of Verdansk” is currently in full swing at CoD Modern Warfare and the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone.

In a creepy atmosphere, among other things, you have to find special event boxes and get special loot. However, you should leave the scarecrows alone.

Halloween came into play via playlist update last Tuesday and for the weekend there was on the evening of October 23rd. now another new update.

That changed over the weekend

2 features will be deleted: First, the update removed 2 gameplay elements from the game:

  • on the one hand the helicopters in Verdansk – but only in the night version of the Battle Royale
  • on the other hand, the pumpkin heads, which were active as part of the Halloween event since the start in the regular multiplayer and as part of the Juggernaut suit in the Warzone

Why is not yet known? Infinity Ward did not comment on the helicopters. But the helicopters have already been removed from the warzone. At that time it was possible for them to glitch under the map and take out unsuspecting players from there. Is it now the case again?

The pumpkin heads simply say that a bug is a reason for their removal. These pumpkin heads were there in multiplayer automatically with 3 kills without dying. After 10 kills, the pumpkin head started to burn. In the Warzone, the Juggernaut suit automatically had a burning head.

But even if a bug is apparently to blame for the removal of the feature: Many a player had complained about the pumpkin heads – especially the burning ones. That would be too easy a target.

This is how the playlist changes: The update also brought 3 fresh modes for the Warzone. In addition to Battle Royale and Zombie Royale, the following has recently been active there:

  • Loot money: Candy collector
  • BR single survivor
  • Juggernaut Royale

Despite the new name, Juggourdnaut Royale is the already well-known Juggernaut Royale. BR single survivors and candy collectors are also basically versions of the standard modes that have been renamed for Halloween.

What do you think? Why exactly did you take the helis and the pumpkin heads out of the game? By the way, have you already grabbed the new cosmetics for PS-Plus members? New free DLC for Season 6 is here – Get it with PS Plus

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