Fortnite and its entire community are ready to live in the biggest tournament held in Peru, Clear Gaming Squad Cup. With a well S/. 20 000 in prizesthe squads participants will compete in different dates to classify playoffs and to be the champion of this tournament.

The first game of all will officially begin this Friday, 24 July at 16:00 hours Peru (GMT-5) through the channel of Twitch “CLAROGAMING“. The production of the event will be in charge of ESB (Electronic Sports Broadcasting), peruvian company that will take care of the organization and the transmission of the games.

This tournament has gathered more than 600 players at the national level and the items will be under the leadership of the Team Clear Gaming formed by Arandana, Statik, GG Rizi, Gabu, Retrotoro and Oscar Soto next to the computer Logitech formed by Young Yino and Rampage, players Fortnite recognized in Peru.

Viewers will be able to win prizes by participating in the different activities that need in between games, in addition to being able to live every intense moment of the Battle Royale until one gets the Victory Masterful. To be able to interact with the drivers and production through the Discord official channel.

THE DATA: Enters the Discord of “CLAROGAMING” here.

The squads confirmed for the first date

The July 24 will begin the first transmission and the first date of the tournament of Course Gaming, these are the confirmed participants:

  • Lewis
  • Team DS
  • Young Gang
  • Hybrid
  • Team MEPZ
  • Team Sister Hyper
  • CtresD
  • Band choclito
  • LOWT
  • Inti Raymis
  • Hpc clan
  • The Traitors
  • CCT Peru
  • NASA
  • Midnight Storm
  • Virgencitas Crew

Teams alternate, will play in the event do not show any of the squads listed above:

THE DATA: You can enter the Twitch of Course Gaming here.

Awards of the Clear Gaming Squad Cup

The teams will participate in mode ‘squads’, that is to say, in groups of four players. Each game will be broadcast via live streaming and will feature commentators specialized in gaming.

The first post will win S/. 4.000 and four headphones Astro A40 (valued at S/ 4,000), second place S/ a 2,000 and four keyboards Logitech G815 (valued at S/ 3,000), while the third place will be awarded S/ 1.000 and four headset Logitech G Pro (valued at S/ 2,000).

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