Friday, July 24, it was the beginning of the tournament Clear Gaming Squad Cup featuring Fortnite with more than 160 teams from all over Peru. This first date was marked by strategies related to the new summer season.

The narration was in charge of Rampage and Young Yino those who offered their comments on the plays of the participants and the decisions that were performing in every second of the games. The Battle Bus was in charge of Gabu conversing with the captains of the Squads and announcing the winners of each one of the sweepstakes that are conducted over the transmission.

Results first date of Fortnite

The first game and the other had the feature in common to be played with a lot of calm and patience. As all participants were concerned about those points that grew to become the last to fall. So before I close the map the squads, teams of four players, were collecting as many objects as possible.

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Among them all, the protagonist has been the fish since it provides a large amount of health when used and allowed to survive for any time of danger. With this strategy, the squad of CCT Peru was first thanks to Gonzalo who had more fish that Jsoria, set AELU EAin the final stretch.

The second game was also marked by moments of calm and much motion by to collect all the map. Recently when closing the map we saw the fights in all the corners and in a few seconds after were the previous finalists of the first map, CCT Peru and Jsoria team AELU EA, who finally took the second Battle Royale.

The game finally had an outcome different, because here they were already looking to survive as is the damage per second of the map and only that I had more fish succeeded, this time it was “Juegoentelevisor” the team Hybrid who won the victory masterful to defeat the once again a finalist Jsoria.

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The classified confirmed so far are the teams Hybrid, CCT Peru, AELU EA, LOWT and SQUAD MOKI.

Below the box end of the participation in the first date:

HYBRID 7 7 10 24
AELU EA 7 10 7 24
LOWT 7 7 7 21
CCT PERU 10 7 3 20
SQUAD MOKI 5 7 7 19

The next date #2 will be played on Friday 14 August at 16:00 hours in Peru and these are the teams confirmed.

  • Warriors Ate
  • Safe Team
  • Team Zycrex
  • CHTX
  • Nooze
  • Tactical Might
  • Cupcake kings
  • BenjaKiller
  • EQuality TGMD
  • The Warrior Knight
  • The Fire Gods
  • Sorbet
  • The Slows
  • Ballonfight
  • RTX Team
  • Cry
  • Heiben

During each date, the teams will be giving the best kills to win the great Prize pool: first place will win S/. 4.000 and four headphones Astro A40 (valued at S/ 4,000), second place S/ a 2,000 and four keyboards Logitech G815 (valued at S/ 3,000), while the third place will be awarded S/ 1.000 and four headset Logitech G Pro (valued at S/ 2,000).

The organization and transmission of the games is in charge of ESB (Electronic Sports Broadcasting).

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