League of Legends returns to the charge with Clashmode, ‘tournament’ that allows players to form a team with four of your friends to compete against five other players of a similar level. This level is determined by the performance on the games of each player, but also by the results of previous Clash.

In this case this is new Cup of Freljord, a competition that has already had its first meeting a few weeks ago. The name of the drink matters little, since in practice the mechanics of the tournaments are the same and are played in full on Summoner’s Rift, trying to reproduce the excitement of the games to the professionals.

There will be a cup on Saturday 9 and another on Friday 10 and you’ll have to sign up to each one of them forms an independent. It is very simple, because you only need that one of your colleagues to create the team and invite the others. There I tell you the start time (from 16:45 in function of the category in which you have been placed) and from that time until 21:00 you can startfor that you need to be all at once and an entry.

Each team will be framed in a cup along with seven other quintets of the same category. Regardless of your results you’re going to play three games, all against teams that have obtained the same result as you. The better run, better rewards. That is to say, if you win the first two and lose the last you will have rewards much better than if you lose the first and win the other two.

In terms of the own game, if you’re familiar with competitive League of Legends the system will be known. The selection phase will have two courses of block and both will be conducted by the captain. In addition, you have available all the champions to be able to choose them and share them with your classmates.

The grace of this tournament is to play with your friends in a competitive environment, but from Riot Games understand that it is not always possible and that is why you have enabled a channel in the Discord the official League of Legends in Spanish called Clah-EUW so that the players can find equipment, or just fill in the gaps that they are missing.

If you still want more after Sunday you’ll have to wait a while, though not too much. The Cups Freljord will come to their end, and give way to the Cup of Piltover, whose debut will occur on days 30 and 31 of this same month of may.