Cienciano is the ‘Dad’ in many ways, and the eSports are no exception: they already have a team of FIFA, PES and League of Legends (LoL). Depor Play spoke with Gabriel Sotillo, commercial manager and of marketing of Cienciano, and Fabrizio Canocicoordinator eSports, for more details of this professional project.

How was born the initiative of Cienciano to compete in eSports?

Gabriel: the initiative was referred to within the plan of Cienciano for the second half of 2020. However the situation made us to bring forward this action to “already”. Fortunately, as was planned, we had some defined goals and that helped us to be able to trigger the incorporation of the equipment eSports the proper way, creating for this purpose a Unit of business time.

What are the expectations in the short term in the competitive PES, FIFA and LOL?

Fabrizio: ln the first place we are happy and proud to have been able to get the title national FIFA Pro Clubs and already we are preparing with the team to compete internationally. In July starts the “liberator” and we want to have a better performance than in the previous year, Cienciano as an institution has a history of great accomplishments international and we are looking to continue competing at the highest levels.

On the other hand the team League of Legends of Cienciano is going to participate in your first tournament League of Legendsthe team is training several hours a day getting ready for the season closing. We have new tailings dam and we are very optimistic with the roster that we have managed to build.

In terms of our PES team along with the managers of the team, we have undertaken a national championship 1v1, which is still ongoing. The purpose of this championship was to revive the divisions in line, which is not done from the year 2003 in this game.

Being Cienciano is a football team, how is encouraged by League of Legends?

Gabriel: we have been observing the growth of the eSports a long time ago. An institution such as Cienciano belongs both to the category of sport as entertainment and it is important to be able to give you new content and quality to our fans. In the case of League of Legends means for us to get closer to a new fan and give them the opportunity to integrate into a new community, which wants to grow along with it. So we can find our profiles eSports on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

Cienciano eSports has opted more for e-sports that the big clubs of the capital, what are the benefits of having taken the initiative?

Gabriel: The one who arrives first has more space to connect and engage with fans and audiences, and can offer original content and novel, something that everyone likes, and more in this “new” today. Cienciano in that sense seeks to connect with its fans today, but also connect with new fans who don’t necessarily look to the club by the theme of football, but look out for within the world of the eSports. For example, our foray into League of Legends it is a clear sign of the importance that we give to these new audiences and the opportunity that the brand Cienciano gives to potential new sponsors, that they were not seeking to advertise in the world of football, but if they want to do in the eSports.

What the future holds for Cienciano eSports? Do you plan to participate in another game in the future?

Fabrizio: We will be organizing various tournaments scouting for the kids to be able to compete and demonstrate their skills. The advantage of digitization is that it allows us to reach and to observe, both players are fans of Cusco as amateur players of any other place. Only need, talent, desire, time and professionalism.

How can a amateur player to be signed by Cienciano?

Gabriel: for the moment we have achieved the first step that we were looking for as a club within e-sports. We have already consolidated three new teams within the institution (LOL, FIFA and PES), and although we believe that there is room for at least a couple more, and now we have to focus on to develop them, and make them self-sustaining. Here comes to carving the element of sports and the item administrative, that with a good commercial approach can in turn generate a virtuous circle of face the management of the three teams. In Cienciano we want to professionalize e-sports and then we will go step by step, calmly, but with clear objectives and well-defined.