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Each day we try to bring something funny Redditand that is , especially in League of Legends, arise wonderful ideas that are worthy of sharing and giving voice.

The last thing you wrote was on a modeling in 3D for the client of League of Legends created by a fan, and today the topic is somewhat similar, although you do not have to do with the client.

A user called IStarScream he has shared a few images of chromas of League of Legends inspired by the old models of the characters as well Gallium, Yorick or Swain before your rework visual, and the result is very interesting.

Why not this type of chromas and not a recolor ‘simple’?

This question is almost the most widely read in the thread Reddit in question, and is that the results of this type of chromas would be very interesting.

Gallium, Yorick, Swain or Kayle, with a chroma of your old model

In the picture you can see the current models of Gallium, Yorick, Swain or Kaylewith a recolor of aspects of ancient, recalling how they were the characters before the irework.

Example of the old Gallium and again after the rework

In the case of Gallium is a little weird, but, for example, Yorickor Swain they fit perfectly, making some colors a very beautiful and simple inspired by the old model.

They have also given the example of Pantheonwith its original colors makes it looks very real and even there seems to be a fanart.

Pantheon with its original colors

In addition, there are many champions in the game that have received a fit visual, as these previously mentioned, in addition to Sion, Gragas, Garen, Mordekaiser and a long etcetera.

Without a doubt, this is an original idea that Riot Games could easily implement in the game, and give to them to mode of reward for honor, qualifying, or many other options.