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The division of the esports Club Deportivo Guadalajara announced that start your journey in League of Legends from 2020the hand of the National League Division of Honour Telcel, which organizes League Games Professional Mexico (Grupo MEDIAPRO), incorporating to the squad of Chivas esports to this competition.

It will be the first time that the Division of Honor Telcel working with a team of traditional sport and also the Chivas deep into the powers of League of Legends.

Following the tradition of the Herd Sacred the roster for the squad’s red and white will be comprised solely by mexican playersthat are already being recruited to be presented at the next 20 of December.

“We are very happy with the addition of Chivas esports in Division of Honor Telcel which is a mexican institution of high prestige in this country, given its long-standing sports.

That Chivas is part of our Division, Honor means a great commitment that allows us to get closer to a new audience and add more national identity to our competition,” said Cesar Rosas, director-general of the League of video Games Professional Mexico.