After that Fortnite would delay its third season, many fans looked forward to new amazing, and apparently, that is what is coming to the video game. During the last few days have been emerging rumors about upcoming things that will be available in Fortnite, and according to a recent leak, it is possible that chapter 2 of the season 3 contains pirates and a atmosphere is totally tropical.

The information of this news comes from an article official Save the World of Fortniteand according to a Twitter user called FireMonkey, this says that the news that will come will have relationship with things tropicallike the weather, skins, locations, weapons, and much more. However, this has not yet been confirmed by Epic Games, so there is that to take it as a simple speculation.

New images with information of chapter 2 of season 3

“So stay tuned, commanders! Things are starting to get tropical”.

Although this has not been confirmed, that the chapter 2 of season 3 takes things tropical would be logical after seeing the almost flood the map, it is very possible that the tropical climate and the cannons pirates that can be viewed in the images of the tweet, reach mainly to the Island of Apollo. On the other hand, there is also a theory that this could also be related to the birth of new islands, but for the time being there is only to wait for the developers to disclose official information of what is to come.

▪ Release date: 25/07/2017

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