There are changes provided for the Ghostly in the SBP. The current state of the summoners of the offensive nature, with the complement of the Layer of Nimbus, is causing havoc for several patches.

The buffo that got the rune makes it, currently, one of the best and most dominant in the game. It is very circunstacial see any character which, either as primary or secondary, should not opt for the branch of runes Witchcraft and choose Layer of Nimbus in the first row.

Of course, some mages or bruisers choose to do so, as it fits perfectly to be able to play offensively. Even some ad in mid, as the current Twisted Fate, beset from quite early on-line abusing this combo.

Changes to cooling and speed

The first of the changes the Ghostly provisions of the SBP that we can see is your time cooling. Ghostly is going to happen to have 180 seconds of cooldown to 210. In this way, it becomes a mechanical less spam-able, and therefore less abusive.

ghostly pbe

Changes to the Ghostly prescribed in the SBP | Source: Surrender at 20

In addition, your scaling in the speed of movement has been removed now Ghost will not increase your benefits as the game progresses and you level up.

In addition, it reduces your movement speed as passes of between 25% and 45% (scaling up with the level of the champion) to a 20%-40% also according to the level of a champion.

ghostly pbe

Rune page is typical of a bruiser that can go with Spooky

What’s new we have added is the extension of the duration of the buffo that applies. To compensate for the losses, now Ghostly extends between 4 and 7 seconds (also scaling with the champion) for each low get during its duration. That is to say, to get kills during the buffo is going to lengthen the duration of the spell

Riot Games comes to by a rune that, in certain champions and situations, he was being very abusive. And you, what do you think with these changes?