Another note to point out that in this version of the SBP are the improvements the changes elemental in the crack produced by the dragons. Riot Games are quite happy with the impact these have since implemented this season.

After a time settling into the game, have decided to give him improvements more. Are you satisfied with how the crack physically changed, and how players learn to master the different enhancements that appear, adding a point of freshness and mastering?

As we advanced Riot Scruffy, chief designer of the gameplay of the game, in a Quick Gameplay Thoughts the middle of the month, and in this sneak peek of the SBP in Surrender @ 20 confirm their ideas. The aim is to continue with what we obtained: the physical changes do not behave an advantage very big for a team or another, it simply depends upon the good use that the players will know how to give.

Changes to the cracks of hell and cloud

Therefore, they will include improvements in two the cracks elementals:

·Crack infernal: the destruction of the walls opens a range of new routes and pa things, are going to continue to vindicate this idea. They will appear again Blast Cones (Pineapple explosive for us) at certain points of the jungle and into the ricones additional lines of top and bot.

pbe changes elemental

Blast Cones that are added by the crack infernal | Source: Surrender at 20

With these changes, it seeks to find and forcing more action, enabling most situations aggressive that they may not be taken when there is more land in the crack. In addition, pineapples explosive additional allow situations as best gankeos or inputs to the base opponent.

Crack of cloud: the areas of wind in the jungle improve the mobility and the rotations between the lines. Will appear Scryers Blooms extra (plant vision), and the areas of movement speed now improve in addition to the characters outside combat

pbe changes elemental

Enhancement bonus movement speed for characters outside of combat | Source: Surrender at 20

Rotations and aggressive actions by the map is what you are looking for with these improvements. In addition, there are more plants of vision, so that you can better control the opponent and look to act better in consequence.

pbe changes elemental

Plants further vision by the crack of cloud | Source: Surrender at 20

All of these changes would be coming from the patch 10.12. What do you look like?