¡Changes in the rankeds at the end! Virtually from the start of the new season, there are not a few negative comments and complaints on the system of ranked games. Inequality in the pairings, long queues, or problems with the autofilled are the order of the day. Therefore, Riot Games wants to fix the problems in the ranked games, and in a communication has broken down all the changes that are planned for the remainder of the year and 2021.

Most important points to keep in mind

After gaining and receiving a lot of comments on the part of the players, Riot Games has identified what would be the changes in the rankeds you need them the most. The foundations on which are built these modifications are the following:

·Improve the feeling of progress as one moves up in the ranking.

·Streamline the process for find new players in both type of tail, both in solo/duo as well as in flexible.

·Clarity on how they work the queues in qualifying.

·Increase in the rewards at the end of the season

The autofill and the groups premade, under the spotlight

A special mention, because he so identifies Riot Games to fix the problems in ranked games, is the need to change need of the pairings. Season after season it is, possibly, the more than any other aspect changes it receives in order to please the playersbut it seems to be that the system ends always break down somewhere. Therefore, these changes go in pursuit of equality and balance; changes that, precisely, admit that they are falling.

The two main points of attention in this section are the autofill and the groups premade. As to the autofill, the development team is going to try to have the same amount of players autofilleados on both computers and, in addition, occupying the same roles. Thus, it seeks equality and the symmetry for an experience more just and balanced in game.

With regard to the groups premade, you are going to find a similar solution. Find a equilibrium in which both teams have the same amount of groups it is the main objective. Unlike what happens with the autofilleados, there is no guarantee that these groups occupy in game the same roles. To complement these two aspects, you want to make a more in-depth analysis when examining the players that are making their debut for the first time in ranked games to be able to better determine the league in which it corresponds to him to start.

Is come changes to ranked games to improve your system | Source: Riot Games

Is come changes to ranked games to improve your system | Source: Riot Games

What is to come

In an attempt to expand what will be your next steps, the development team at Riot Games has decided to give a few small hints of the changes in rankeds. There are more planned for the second half of the year, and for 2021. Some of the aspects to improve that will come along the year are:

·The behaviors toxic in game. The main focus of the criticism, and it seems that the most important changes. AFK’s, win-traders, dropouts by anger, and insults will be punished more severely

·More information and more accuracy at the time of to balance the MMR of the players with the range or league that you have in ranked games.

·Changes in items of promotion. Riot Games identified these items as those in which the best players will play, with what that involves other factors such as their classmates in games, and their behaviors.

·Improve the queues flexiblein which to find a balance and a greater cohesion between its components, and also a balance in the range of both teams