We show you where to find Insanity Lanchera to complete the challenge “Complete the test in time attack boat in Madness Lanchera” on Week 8 of season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale.

During the Season 3: A chapuzn of adventures we will continue to have desafos weekly in Fortnite Battle Royale. Some will be ms easily, others, as is the case, more complicated, and require a better explanation. In this case we will explain how to complete “Complete the test in time attack boat in Madness Lanchera” Week 8.

Where to find Insanity Lanchera and how to complete the test on time trial

Madness Lanchera it is a ubicacin near Pools Asleepto overcome this challenge you have to:

  • Go to the area to the north-east of Field Calgine and to the south of swimming Pools Numbthe lake is wedged between these two locations and to the east of the dam.
  • When you arrive, see that there is an area that is obviously a circuit.
  • There are several boats that you can catch in the area.
  • Simply grab a and passes through the first circle of the time trial. Now you must follow the circuit up to complete it.
  • Keep in mind that Solo, Two or Squadrons atacarn almost certainly while you do it, so it may be that you want ms to play in Skirmish and wait for that Crazy Lanchera is on “your side” to make it easier.
  • Another option is to leave it for another time in that Madness Lanchera is not a hot zone for being launched right now desafos.

This is not ms that one of the desafos per week, per course. Remember that you can check the entry with all desafos Week 8as well as the part where you show all desafos of the Season 3: A chapuzn of adventures. Don’t let any of the desafos weekly, desafos style or desafos umbrella without completing, and get yourself as with all the rewards of the pass of battle easily. Remember that this season ends the next August 27, and after not podrs unlock Aquaman!

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