Catacomb Kids 2.0 PC Game Overview

500 Years in the past that the demon sorceress Abys was sealed off beneath her fortress by 4 legendary heroes and a fifth forgotten one. Over time, no extra held aloft by Abysâ$™ magical, the fortress sank into the earth and have become a haven for foul monsters, darkish magic, and the refuse of the Overworld. The fortress, right this moment buried deep undergound, turned well-known as The Catacombs, and kids from throughout discovered themselves interested in its shadows â$” searching for riches, energy, understanding, and escape.
Now, coming-of-age ceremonies and prison sentences alike all revolve round plumbing the depths of The Catacombs, and the legend of Abys was all however deserted. Some say she sleeps in the dead of night beneath, the seals which preserve her contained rising ever-weaker.

What Lies Beneath

Catacomb Kids is a procedurally generated platformer, with an equal emphasis on fast reactions, tactical engagement, and strategic character progress. Wield swords, spears, axes, and daggers â$” unleash highly effective magicks to burn, freeze and poison foes with â$” overcome traps and beasts each mortal and unrelenting.
The recreation is compact however not â$œsimpleâ$, with a system the place primary components work together to create complicated outcomes and tales. Lure monsters into battle with each other or benefit from environmental risks to trick your foes into their very own rattling departure. The whole world is the crafting house, letting you create new gadgets and instruments from inside the game-space itselfwithout having to farm substances or navigate a menu to show your cleverness.

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Before you begin Catacomb Kids v0.2.0 Free Download be certain that your PC meets minimal system necessities.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor: 1.2GHz chip
Performance: 512 MB RAM
Pictures: 256MB
Storage: 100 MB out there house