Season 3, Fortnite is just around the corner with the device event, which takes place three days after this writing. The fans are excited to see what Epic has in store for us. We are ready to finally begin to get into the meat of the story in Chapter 2.

Season 1 was relatively boring and the plot of that season looked set to continue in season 2. Soon, we will have our first glimpse of the real plot of this season. Who are the greatest players? What will happen? How will the Chapter 1 in any way? We’ll know more in a few days.

Most of us assume that Epic will make reference to the events of Chapter 1 at some point. These two worlds seem to be intertwined by something, that probably will be revealed fully in the future. For now, we can only see small references such as the Steamy Stacks and Camp Cod.

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The transmitter of Twitch and the expert of Fortnite, Koooooomar, published a picture in the subreddit r / FortniteBR that showed how many references there are in the last location. According to him, there is “a part of each POI that had a fault Zone in Chapter 1 and three frames of photos of the crash of the meteorite”.

Some fans knew some of these references, but we didn’t know how sharp they were. This is more than just a couple of random elements. Camp Cod is pointing to a direct link between the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

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The explanation of Koooooomar for these references is that a member of The Seven lives on this island. This could be the location of one of the three members that we have seen or a room that has not yet been revealed. How could one of the characters in the Chapter 2, as the Agent of Chaos, to be among the Seven?

At this time, these references serve as little more than Easter Eggs for fans of the eyes of an eagle. With any luck, Epic will develop these links further in the coming seasons.

The post Camp Cod seems to be a hidden treasure of the references in Chapter 1 that first appeared in Fortnite INTEL.

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