Ju “Bvoy” Yeong-hoon, extirador of Misfits Gaming, crosses the pond and will be playing this Split for Summer Flamengo Esportsclub brazilian in the CBLoL.

Flamengo Esports for the title

The shooter Korean who was passing by the LPL and by the league of Latin american will play in the next split under the colors of Flamengo Esports. After a Split Spring pretty decent next to the Misfits Gaming, and after falling against Rogue 3-1 in the first round of play-offsthe club committee decided replace by Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup. Although his record in the regular season outside of 10-8 and even if they were to give the surprise against G2 Esports, the Misfits was more timely departure of the Korean.

Flamengo Esports is not unknown to us. They came to the Global, 2019 and played against DAMWON Gaming and Royal Youth in the play-in, but failed to advance to the next stage. Among their ranks, was the brazilian star Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves, who came out of the club off-season last, stating that: “I did not trust the new Flamengo.”

The spring has not been all bad to Flamengo, because they were seconds in the season regular with a result 13-8 and they lost 3-0 in the final against KaBuM! E-Sports, which had been fourth in the regular season.

We still don’t know if Bvoy or replace, or if you will share position with Luis “Absolut” Felipe Caravalho, shooter current team whose contract ends on the 15 of November of the same year.

As has been mentioned Kenzi, due to the coronavirus, Brazil has closed its borders and it would not be possible to the input of the player to the country. For this reason, perhaps the contract of Bvoy suffers any change.

Flamengo Esports I want to take the crown and you can, with this new piece can repeat the feat already achieved last year in the summer.

Source: Flamengo Esports

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