Continue movements in the markets of signings in League of Legends with all the teams preparing for or adjusting your templates to the split of summer.

In this ocasin the protagonist is the Flamengo Esports, the club that competes in the CBLOL and has announced the signing of Ju “Bvoy“Yeong-hoon, the former player of the Misfits (team LEC) that are to convert to the new ADC of Flamento.

It is not extraar that Flamento Esports you are interested in Bvoy as the split spring of the LEC cuaj a good season, being the fifth AD carry on number of deaths in the competition and helping with good performances to your computer.

After this, now Bvoy help Flamengo in the CBLOL with experience in a competition as important as the LEC for the whole brasileo can try to win the championship in this ocasin.

The CBLOL return to the activity the next 6 June.

Image: Riot