Destiny 2 is starting to try to be a game of evolution and therefore it would seem that they try to emulate Fortnite in many ways with the way that the game is starting to create stories transitional season that will change the ambience of the map.

Do you know what I mean?

At the beginning of march, for when it came to the current Season of the Worthy, that almost comes to its culmination, since we knew about the plot of the Almighty (or Almighty), the giant nave that tripulaba towards the Earth in a way which reminds us perfectly of the famous event that happened in Fortnitethe of a kind of comet or meteorite, which descended gradually until you touch ground in the open world provided by Epic Games.

On the other hand, also, if you remember previously, they had already re-created another event seasonal of the 7th season, where a specimen of a sphere of ice is approximated to the surface of the Map, bringing with it the King ice Cream, who turned the whole map in ice.

These events in Fortnite generated as much curiosity as excitement, producing all the players began to be raised theories, about what was to come, and what could happen, and that’s just what Bungie is starting to do with Destiny 2. Are making to recreate stories that capture highly the interest of many players from before yesterday don’t stop talking because of a new setting that was made remarkable in some points of the game.

Something is about to happen very soon

Players traditional and Streams, they noticed a new melody, especially in the tower, something like a sound track that evokes suspense, as if something big were to happen. But that’s not all, also as you look towards the Sun, can be seen a ship, in the depths, with the silhouette of the Almighty. Among other details that we will quote a few paragraphs later.

Everything seems to indicate, that after a few months, the threat that was thought forgotten, the Almighty, finally appeared, after staring into the Sun, in the Tower, and sees that he’s obviously heading directly towards the Guardians in the Last City, as seen in the image below.

Interestingly, my son who has a view of Hawk, was the first who realized, right after the reboot weekly, because it requires that you look directly at the sun and it was entertaining to see how many people were sufficiently Hypeadas as to pass by the tower to look just like that in the game.

Not all were able to notice

Given that I have a PC, high-end, and thanks to the good graphic display and illumination that offers my PC Master RaceI was able to observe, although minimally, the silhouette of that curiosity, believe me, it is much easier to see this on a good PC with a console, where the form of the Almighty is rendered less visible by the lack of an improvement in the top graph. Of course, this also has a lot to do with the contrast of your monitor or TV UHD.

Destiny 2 had never done anything like this before. This season has been a failure in terms of actual content, but I start to like this mechanism to add surprises.

The images are triangulated in the Bunkers suggest that something is coming

But the story does not end here, but also, if you go to one of the Bunkers, from which began the Season of the Worthy can be seen a kind of wall with graphics scanned to emit the figures of a few ships pyramid who have been watching in action, just heading towards two figures of the planets, which suggests since he began the season, the time has not elapsed in vain and that an imminent danger that it is becoming more latent it will affect one of the ecosystems of the game, the majority suggests that it could be the planet I. O. or Titan.

The points are red triangles made of dots lite-brite (like the graphics technology of Pac-Man) in all the bunkers of Rasputin. Many players agree that these triangles represent the fleet of invading ships of “Darkness” we’ve been waiting to see come to our solar system in Destiny for six years, between the two games.

That is, that this is not simply a matter of being just a wall of maps, virtual, but it also conveys the intentions of Bungie for this year, so that the expansion of autumn will surely be based on the arrival of the Pyramids, and we will not have to wait another year for it to arrive here.

Various rumors about the future of the game have been published

Entire this kind of details are clues very similar to that Fortnite suggested to him little by little on the map on imminent threats and changes of global impact.

What we have yet to see is if the end result of these attempts will finally enable the many players dissidents to return to the game, since currently many of them have gone, even with the return of the glorious Trials of Osiris, nothing has been the same as before.

Whatever it is, all this theory of Omnipotent, Pyramids, and areas presumed to be destroyed with the arrival of the looming threat, all this gives it a touch of spice extra to the game, and it is possible that many will like this appetizer. In the end it all depends on how entertaining it is for the new content that is brought to the game.

It seems great to see Bungie trying to do something similar with their arrivals of new seasons what made Epic Games Fortnite. Destiny 2 has already gone through so many ups and downs, that one never knows that eventually he is going to be.

In summary:

In my opinion, the unique solution is to make a third installment, from a base different to everything we’ve already seen and which we have repeated. Already there is less than two weeks to see the novelty. And for when you get the new content, I want to be there in the first row, gazing out at the horizon, perhaps with the hope of seeing it explode a few of the planets that both boredom are causing. Will It Be Titan? What Will Be I. O.? I don’t know, but if Bungie I provided the button of mass destruction, insurance would immediately know that do exploit the game so that everything is settled.

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